Chalet Biester

Visitor's Guide

Chalet Biester, Sintra

Chalet Biester hidden in Pena Park

This mansion was home to Ernesto Biester (a wealthy 19th-century merchant and playwright) and is just one of many hidden in Pena Park. This is the one that most stands out (and also the most famous), built in 1880 with neo-Gothic windows and conical roofs.

You may have seen it in Roman Polanski’s film "The Ninth Gate," starring Johnny Depp, which had Sintra as part of the setting. Inside, it was given a theatrical décor that includes pieces by Bordalo Pinheiro, one of Portugal’s most eccentric artists and prominent ceramists.

Unfortunately it’s not open to the public, as it remains private property, but you’ll see it from outside on your way to Pena Palace.