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Portela de Sintra

Portela de Sintra is the terminal for the buses to the beaches in the Sintra region

Portela de Sintra is the second-to-last station on the Lisbon-Sintra train line. It’s also a busy bus terminal, with buses to the neighboring coast, including most of Sintra's beaches and those of Ericeira to the north.
The buses are found right outside, and the different stops are labeled with the number of the bus as well as the departure times.
Those coming to Sintra from Lisbon and wishing to start the day at the beach, should exit the train at Portela de Sintra, although it’s also an easy 10-to-15 minute walk between the final Sintra station and Portela.


Portela de Sintra is the second-to-last stop on the Lisbon-Sintra train line

Portela de Sintra is also the station for those wishing to hop on the tourist tram to Praia das Maçãs. When you arrive at the station, take the sidewalk down Avenida Mário Firmino Miguel, which becomes Avenida Dr. Desidério Cambournac. At the end of the Avenida you may turn left to a pedestrian street which leads to Sintra Station and the historic center, or right towards the MU.SA Museum. Next to the museum is a white building selling tickets to the tram, whose tracks and departure point are found to the right of it.

From Portela de Sintra you may take buses of the local Scotturb company, as well as those of Mafrense. Most are commuter routes for locals, but some pass by popular tourist destinations. They are:
- Scotturb bus 439 to Praia Grande (and stopping in Almoçageme not far from Praia da Adraga)
- Scotturb bus 440 to Azenhas do Mar
- Scotturb bus 441 to the village of Terrugem but passing by Praia Grande, Praia das Maçãs and Azenhas do Mar on the way.
- Scotturb bus 444 to Praia do Magoito
- Mafrense bus to Ericeira

Tickets for these buses are bought from the drivers.
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