How to go from Lisbon Airport to Sintra

Lisbon Airport to Sintra Transportation Guide

Lisbon Airport metro ticket machines

Lisbon Airport metro ticket machines

If you’ll be staying in Sintra instead of Lisbon, you’ll likely want to go straight to your hotel from the airport. There is no direct train or bus service connecting the airport to Sintra, but it’s still an easy and inexpensive journey. You have three options: Taxi or ridesharing service such as Uber, pre-booked private transfer, or public transportation (metro and train).

Lisbon Airport

Outside the arrivals terminal of Lisbon Airport, where passengers line up for taxis.

Taxi or Uber from Lisbon Airport to Sintra

The most expensive option from Lisbon Airport to Sintra is a taxi. While taxis for short journeys within Lisbon are quite inexpensive, they can be costly when going outside the city limits. Don’t use a taxi with a fixed price, always make sure you take one with a meter switched on (as all are required to do by law). Larger vehicles (with seven seats) charge higher rates. There is also an extra charge for luggage.
Uber and other ridesharing services tend to be slightly cheaper than taxis, but have the disadvantage of not being allowed to pick up passengers right outside the arrivals terminal, and it may not always be easy to find the exact meeting location.
A taxi or Uber reaches Sintra in about 40 minutes.

Transfers from Lisbon Airport to Sintra

A private pre-booked transfer is the most convenient way to get to Sintra from the airport. The driver waits for you at the arrivals terminal, and, just like taxis, can take you straight to your hotel in about 40 minutes. Here are your options: Lisbon Airport transfers

Rossio Station, Lisbon

Access to the platforms in Lisbon's Rossio Station for the trains to Sintra

Public Transportation (Metro and Train) from Lisbon Airport to Sintra

There are trains to Sintra departing from Oriente Station, which is not far from the airport. It can be reached by metro, just three stops from the airport’s station, on the red line. That means it only takes a 7-minute metro journey before you’re on the train. It then takes 47 minutes to reach Sintra. It departs every 20 minutes throughout the day (more frequently at rush hours early in the morning and early in the evening). The entire journey, including connections can take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you buy the Lisboa Card it’s completely free, as the card offers unlimited rides on Lisbon’s public transportation, including trains to Sintra. Otherwise, you’ll spend €4.30 in total (that’s €0.50 for the magnetic “Viva Viagem” card where your tickets are charged to, plus €1.50 for the metro ticket, plus €2.30 for the train to Sintra).
The Viva Viagem card is only valid for one person, so each traveler in a group will need their own. It can be used for the metro and the train.
The airport’s metro station is right outside the arrivals hall. Down the escalators you’ll find a number of ticket machines with English instructions (in addition to Portuguese, French, and Spanish), as well as a ticket office. The machines provide change, and accept up to €20 bills. Keep your ticket handy, as you’ll need to scan it to exit the station at your destination.
The Lisbon-Sintra line is a regional service for commuters, so it’s not possible to pre-book seats. The first train of the day departs Oriente Station at 5:41am, and the last one at 1:08am. The station is quite modern, with clear signage.
Once you arrive at the station in Sintra (it’s the last stop), chances are your hotel is within walking distance, as most hotels in Sintra are. If your accommodation happens to be on a hilly location, you can take one of the taxis which are usually by the station.

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